GGAST is a model school of innovative student-centered learning. In general that means that GGAST students and teachers work in a collaborative fashion to ensure that students acquire the knowledge and skills they must have to succeed on the National Exams AND to succeed in life. Students are expected, therefore, to learn to become “masters of their own fates” by working hard of course, but also by learning how to work effectively in groups as well as to learn how to ask good questions in class and to take advantage of our teachers’ willingness to offer extra help. In sum, we want our students to develop “meta cognition”—to know how they learn best and to use their strengths to help overcome their weaknesses.

Science Combinations

All new Senior 4 students spend at least one week taking all our subjects before they select the combination they will study for 3 years. It is important that each girl be fully informed about what each subject covers and what the opportunities and challenges are for each combination. For example, if you select PCB as your combination, you will also study math as a subsidiary subject, and if you really want to be a doctor you must study math as seriously as you study your combination subjects. Currently we offer the following combinations: PCB, PCM, MCB, MPG, MPC, CEM, PEM or MEG;


GGAST believes that our students must be prepared for 21st Century careers, and being able to take advantage of the tools of technology is a basic requirement of work in this century. To assist students in acquiring technology knowledge and skills all students take a class in S4 to ensure they know the basics of the Word platform and other skills required to be successful in their classes. The school has 2 computer labs with 92 work stations, so students have excellent access to technology.

English Program

Upon arrival as a new Senior 4 student, each girl will have an English assessment and placed appropriately to ensure she can develop her English fluency to the greatest extent possible. We expect all our girls to graduate from Gashora and critical thinkers, and that comes from being a critical reader and writer. We acknowledge the challenge of learning a new language if English is not something a girl has studied, but our most successful girls have found the courage to “try their best” to improve and that means being willing to speak English publicly in class even. Gashora Girls are never humiliated for making mistakes.

All students study English in addition to their combinations and classes are conducted in English. The goals of the English program are: to develop both “receptive” language skills (reading and listening) and “expressive” skills (speaking and writing); to enhance students’ critical reading skills with increasingly sophisticated subject matter; to encourage students to write for both classes (like General Paper) and for personal enjoyment (such as poetry); and to prepare students who may wish to study in North America or the UK to do well on the relevant university entrance examinations.

Rwandan National Curriculum

As noted all students will select one of the 8 combinations we offer along with the other required subjects: Entrepreneurship, General Paper and Kinyarwanda.