Weekly Assembly

Each week the entire community gathers together to share information of course, but more importantly to provide a venue where every girl has the chance to contribute. The Assembly is organized and led by students; students lead the singing of the National Anthem and the prayer and then students are called upon to share their thoughts through poetry, story telling or information about the week. Assembly is an uplifting experience comprised of both serious news and fun activities.


Each student is assigned a staff advisor in groups of 12-15 students, and the advisory groups gather every other week. In those meetings information is shared and required forms are filled out, but the main purpose of advisory is to provide each student with an adult on campus who pays particular attention to each student’s progress and needs. The advisor is the person to whom you should turn first for advice and support, and if the advisor cannot provide if directly, she or he will ask the administration for additional support. The students who take advantage of the advisory relationship find that they are often more successful at GGAST as the advisors primary purpose is to help each girl realize her full potential.

Dorm Life

The dormitory is your home with your “family” of colleagues. We expect you to treat the facility and others’ possessions with respect, and to do your share of jobs to keep the dorm clean and safe. Each dorm has 90-92 girls so the dorm matrons know the students well, and they are there to help you adjust to life and school and to deal with problems as they come up. But of course the best part of dorm life is getting to make new friends from all over Rwanda. The dorm is also a place where there are leadership opportunities such as the dorm, discipline and health prefect positions.

Religious Life

Every Sunday there is an ecumenical church service in the Community Center that is entirely planned and run by students. It is an inspiring and joyful 2 hours of singing, dancing and preaching. In addition, GGAST supports all religious traditions such as Islam, Pentecostalists, Adventists, etc. If you have special religious needs at any time you should discuss those with the Dean of Students.