Clubs and Athletics

Activities and Clubs

All students are required to participate in the over 11 different sports teams or 22 student led clubs that are offered.

Community Service

“To those to whom much is given, much will be expected” (Luke 12:48) which our headmaster likes to quote often. And at GGAST we believe that every girl has been given a unique opportunity to have an unparalleled education, and we want every one of our girls to appreciate this, by making the effort to reach out to support others less fortunate than we are. Armed with the belief that they have a connection to their global community, our students feel a strong sense of responsibility to play an active role in impacting change. Whether addressing gender equality, providing food, clothing and tutoring to children or participating in village projects such as engineering irrigation systems; Gashora Girls seek to make a difference serving over 6000 hours of community service a year.

GGAST students work in a nearby refugee camp, the often help local widows of the genocide, and they tutor DeHiro primary students to help them prepare for their National Exams. For many students their time helping others is their favorite experience at GGAST.


GGAST believes in the same principles as the Greeks of more than 2,000 years old: a sound mind in a sound body. So we want our girls to learn the habits of good health both at while they are at GGAST and after. We offer both “recreational” or “intramural” sports like jogging, karate and inter-dorm competitions, and we offer competitive sports like football, volleyball and basketball.