Who Should Consider GGAST


You should come to GGAST if:

  • You agree that an all girls’ school is the very best environment for you;
  • You want to be challenged by great teachers who will expect much of you;
  • You want to improve your English speaking, writing, and reading;
  • You want to study PCB, PCM, MCB, MPG, MPC, MCE, or MEG;
  • You want to learn how to be a leader and learn new skills, talents, and interests;
  • You want to discover your leadership potential and learn how you can impact your community;
  • You want to go to school with girls from every possible background; and
  • You want to have fun (while working hard, too)!

We base our decisions on the following criteria:

  • Your Senior 3 school report, especially your position in your class;
  • The quality of your answers on the GGAST application;
  • Your Senior 3 National Examination results; and
  • Other factors such as leadership potential, extracurricular talents, and skills, etc.